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#1  Life after seasons  15 Sep '15 at 19:29
This is aimed at people who have worked away from home, either on many many many consecutive seasons, or long periods of time in a random country.

Has anyone else found it really hard to settle and be still when you've eventually come home?

I've been home for a year now, I feel lost in a familiar place. When the recruitment begins for more seasons summer or winter in Europe, or a job opportunity in NZ is available I find myself mentally tearing myself apart trying to project the future and make a good choice. I'm 25, I can't move out and save. So I'm at my parents place. My friends are spread all over the place, the few pals I've got here, have now either started families or aren't keen on travel.

Does it pass or do you literally just have to do seasons forever and fawq the future because everything will just work itself out?
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#2  Re: Life after seasons  17 Sep '15 at 09:17
I've now done 10 seasons and in between lived in 5 different countries. Moved house numerous times. Finally giving it up, but still have three ski holidays booked for 2015/16 and might squeeze in a fourth. I am very comfortable with my life but that maybe because I have the maturity to cope with it? The younger you are the more options you have so take advantage of what ever comes and make your own way.
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