Let's get a group, accommodation, lift share etc //

  Topic Started By:  Frostyo     On:  Fri 4th October, 2013 at 22:38
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#1  Let's get a group, accommodation, lift share etc  4 Oct '13 at 22:38
Hiya there,
Looking to get a small group together for the upcoming season.
My mate and I are looking to complete our first full season in a French resort, Val, alpe d'huez, ser chev ect this year and, although on a tight budget, want to sort accommodation and travel sooner rather than later.
I know it's cheaper to go as a group so anyone interested in chipping in for a flat if I could sort something out?
If anyone has a car to drive down, has good experience or is just up for an awesome season then let me know as it would be fantastic to get a group going!
Cheers guys
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Val d'Isere
#2  Re: Let's get a group, accommodation, lift share etc  5 Oct '13 at 09:45

I have a bunk room to let in Val d'Isere, pm me your email address and i'll send you some details.

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liam Connor
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#3  Re: Let's get a group, accommodation, lift share etc  6 Oct '13 at 22:11
Hey, looking at doing the coming season and your plan sounds great . If your still looking?. I'm on a tight budget too soo flat share is the route I'm going down

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#4  Re: Let's get a group, accommodation, lift share etc  23 Oct '13 at 16:01
In reply to quazza (Post #2)

I am looking at doing my first season.

I am tossed between Meribel or Val d'Isere.

Can you send me some pics and more info on the room (costs etc ) if still available.

I look forward in hearing from you,


0044 38129090
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