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#2  Lack of experience  20 Jun '16 at 10:17
Hey I've never done a season before and really want to go this year, I've just graduated university and want to have a gap year of sorts. The only issue is that all the jobs I've seen advertised have said that experience is required, and I have none. The only job I've ever had was in an office, and this doesn't seem to be the kind of experience that is wanted for the two roles I was thinking of applying for; bar work or chalet host. Does anyone have any advice?
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#3  Re: Lack of experience  28 Jun '16 at 16:46
Hi Ed. No need for 'experience' if applying for a chalet host role though you will need to demonstrate some basic level of cooking skills. If you have never worked a bar, chances of landing that role I would estimate as nil. Get you CV in to several TO's ASAP, it's getting to be peak hiring time. If you can demonstrate a likable personality, adaptability, a quick mind and willingness to work hard for little reward, you might land a role. Also do you have any skills that are relevant to working in a ski resort? IE can you ski? Rep roles are plentiful, and offer some of the best on snow time.
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#4  Re: Lack of experience  1 Aug '16 at 12:33
I also had such a problem. Thanks for the qualitative advice admin.
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