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#1  La Clusaz  14 Sep '05 at 15:36
Hello Natives

I have been to this site a fair few times before but never registered. I can not longer resist the temptation to pick your collective mind, so here goes. A mate and I are thinking of going to La Clusaz this winter season. Does anyone have any useful indside info, such as how good the skiing is? How easy it'll be to find somewhere to live and get a job? Etc.. I'd love to hear from any of you that have any experience of the place.

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#2  Re: La Clusaz  14 Sep '05 at 16:19
i went there once on a day trip so am not exactly a fount of knowledge.

I remember it being nice but very small.
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#3  Re: La Clusaz  14 Sep '05 at 16:55
Would be pretty hard I think.....
Not many UK operators go there, so minimal british guests, so not much need for bar staff etc. THere are probably a few independant chalets there run by brits, but they would already have their staff, ditto the few hotels.....

sorry - not much help - just a bit negative... try googling and seeing what operators it brings up and you could apply to them... hows your french??
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#4  Re: La Clusaz  14 Sep '05 at 17:13
As Rodent says, it's pretty French as far as French ski resorts go ... which is not necessarily a bad thing. I remember having a great time there & the skiing was superb. T'was a long time ago though.
The tour comany we went with has since gone bust so can't help you there.
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Dot Indian
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#6  Re: La Clusaz  14 Sep '05 at 19:57
My french is fluent so I was auctually hoping to find a job working for the frenchies. I have worked a few seasons and so far in my limited experience I have found that if you avoid the TOs you can enjoy a better wage, conditions etc..
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#7  Re: La cluzas  17 Sep '05 at 17:04
Hey, ive been going to la cluzas since a kid and its quite a cool resort, its been getting better in recent years. The skiing there as ok, but its quite a family based resort, however la balme is a wicked place to ski (its part of the la cluzas resort) a beautiful bowly area with some of the best powder ive skiied on in france. Its quite hard getting a job there as the people there are very 'french' and dont really like the brits there but the numbers of brits going there is increasing as the resort gets bigger.

have a great season
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#8  Re: La Clusaz  19 Sep '05 at 14:29
La Clusaz is an excellent resort, now nearly the size of ADH, would suggest ringing/ emailing the Tourist Ofice to get their accom brochure and ringing/ emailing your cv to the larger hotels such as the Beauregard, Candia , you'll have a wicked season there its lovely.
Cheapish accom could try Mme Hudry (nice lady- bad armpits) 0033 4 50 02 53 17.
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