jus want to get out ther //

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  Topic Started By:  kernowben    On:  Sat 24th September, 2005 at 12:00
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#17  Re: jus want to get out ther  27 Sep '05 at 18:03
is he cute?? does da welsh ave da longest willies.... i rest me case

wot's all dis bout wabbits avatar's i taut ya wos a cow type girl person!!! please to explain ya change, is da wabbit a new pet/coat/boyfriend....

p.s. wot ya doin readin dis ya should be packin
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La Clusaz
#18  Re: jus want to get out ther  27 Sep '05 at 19:00
Hehehe, bunnies are the new in pic, Phill.

Still not packing. I'm getting gothed up. Wendy the Goth hehehe! Big group of non-goths taking over the fortnightly goth night. The goths will be wondering why their numbers just doubled.

So, Matt is Welsh...hmmmm...will he be my sugardaddy?
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