Jo, can u make a chelet business from a rented chalet? //

  Topic Started By:  Si man    On:  Tue 22nd January, 2008 at 16:34
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#1  Jo, can u make a chelet business from a rented chalet?  22 Jan '08 at 16:34
Hi Jo
I currently run a number of diving liverboards in asia. I rent a nice boat for a few months and then sub let it week by week offering a full luxury service. I'm looking to replicate the model in the alps and rent a large chalet for the season and then offer a luxury catered service - do you know if this is possible or who i could speak to to find out if it is possible? Do you know of people who are or have done this? Any help would be greatly apriciated.
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#2  Re: Jo, can u make a chelet business from a rented chalet?  22 Jan '08 at 16:47
This has been done by one or two (!) people in the past - and several Tour Operators have done this for decades
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#3  Re: Jo, can u make a chelet business from a rented chalet?  19 Feb '08 at 11:27
Hi Si Man. Not an experienced response I'm afraid but i am looking to do the same as you next season (see my post 'leasing a chalet' in the Q & A forum) and can share with you what I have learned so far.... Last week I sent an email to around 100 chalet owners (getting their emails from various chalet owner websites and tourist info) and within a day had 3 very positive responses, however have yet to have meetings with them to discuss details. One of them especially sounds very promising. More than happy to keep you updated with the progress but would you mind sharing a bit of your wisdom with me... i'd be really interested in hearing about how you went about setting up your liveaboard.... did you set up an asian company? did you need an asian business partner? would love to have a natter to see if we can help each other if you dont mind. get in touch on thanks mate, look forward to hearing from you.
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