I'm not English but can I still get work through natives.... //

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  Topic Started By:  fighting_kite    On:  Wed 31st August, 2005 at 08:20
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#52  Re: I'm not English but can I still get work through natives....  19 Sep '05 at 07:58
Try the Wild Wallabies Aussie bar in Chamonix - they employed the odd cobber!
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#53  Re: Re: I'm not English but can I still get work through natives  19 Sep '05 at 11:01

Originally posted by fighting_kite

Thanks to my Grandfather I have an Irish Passport so visas's is not a problem.

Right. I appear to have forgotten this rather fundamental point throughout the thread. The only thing you need is a NINO then. See here. So I would still contact all the companies - I think they seem to employ right up to and throughout the winter season so no problems there. Then when you get here you can stay somewhere cheapos, do the silly NINO interview thing then get your job and bugger off to the Alps all paid for. It might also be worth speaking to the CNR (here and here) and seeing if they can schedule your interview for as soon as you get here, or if there's anything else they can do given that you're currently abroad. The HMRC bods are generally idiots, but give them a call explaining your situation and see what they say.

Definitely ring around the ski companies and explain the sitch too. You have nothing to lose and there are so many of them, you'll def be able to find something. Further point, the NINO may take a while to arrive, but most employers are fine without one to begin with, as long as you tell them you're working on it! It is usually you who loses out by not having one anyway.

If you go for the cash in hand/usual Aussie job type thing, you're unlikely to get all the benefits associated with a tour op job. And since the tour op job is not altogether impossible, it's probably still worth attempting it. If you can afford a flight to the UK in the first place, then you can just go home if all else fails. Worth bearing in mind that even if you do manage to get a TO job, you're likely to need a bit of cash as it'll be a few weeks before you first get paid...
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#54  Re: I'm not English but can I still get work through natives....  19 Sep '05 at 19:14
Nah mainly the aussie jobs aren't cash in hand they are all legit, it just means not working for a uk comapany - that does require a NI no. (based on the aussies that I have known in resort).
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