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#2  How do you get a job?  7 Jul '17 at 12:23
Hi there everyone, I'm extremely new to this. I've applied for so many positions advertised... I'm like literally packed and ready to go. How could I secure a job. I'm a serious hard working individual, and have so many skill set, creative, fun and all round good egg. Please, if anyone has any tips please contact me on here, or my personal Facebook profile @ Ben Carr (Trap Two) if you search that then I should show up.

Any advice would be massively appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Ben Carr. X
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#3  Re: How do you get a job?  25 Oct '17 at 16:30
Have you highlighted your skills relevant to the job post? eg if you're applying for a chalet host position, put any customer service/hotel work experience you have first etc
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#4  Re: How do you get a job?  28 Oct '17 at 10:32
Hi Ben,
You say you are ;new to this;? What, job applications generally or just winter?

First make sure you have a good, well laid out CV with no mistakes anywhere on it. Tailor your CV to each job application you make, making sure the relevant skills are clear. Most recruiters will take only a few moments looking at a CV as they see so many.
Any language skills should be an advantage. Do you speak IE French, German, Italian?
It's no use being 'an all round good egg' if you don't have any of the necessary skills and attitudes needed.

For the season 2017/18, you are leaving it really late. Most companies will have already completed their recruitment for the main season.
If you have your own resources you could go out to the resort of your choice and look for a role once there but again language is probably ket.
If you are too late this season, brush up your skills, CV and wait till next but apply EARLY. Good Luck
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