Hope to be working coming ski season, any help? //

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#1  Hope to be working coming ski season, any help?  18 May '14 at 08:48
Hello there, names Luke, having not worked a ski season before I am not entirely sure how you go about it, I'm after a chalet assistant position, and i'm fairly sure I'm qualified enough for the position (lots of catering experience/lived abroad before), and there is lots of information on the internet, but nothing saying specifically where to look. I have looked so far at the following sites:
year out group
responsible travel

and applied to a few companies (Mark Warner among others) directly, I know I am doing this earlyish, but I'd just really like to spend the coming winter in the mountains, does anyone have any advice where else to look?

Thanks alot!
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#2  Re: Hope to be working coming ski season, any help?  18 May '14 at 12:30
It's a bit early - recruitment doesn't really kick off until end May/early June.

Who do you want to work for? Big tour op? Small tour op? Independent chalet company? Do you have any preference about where you go?

There are hundreds of companies out there - there's a reasonable list on this very website:

But also Google is your friend!

If you do want to work in a specific resort, then you'll need to apply to smaller companies who only operate out of that resort, or are otherwise small enough to offer you a specific position at a specific chalet. The big tour ops will put you where they see fit nearer the time.

You can also apply to companies directly - they all have contact details on their websites :-)
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#3  Re: Hope to be working coming ski season, any help?  31 May '14 at 07:36
Thanks very much for the info!
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#4  Re: Hope to be working coming ski season, any help?  2 Jun '14 at 12:24
The list that annaski posted a link to is brilliant. Just work your way down that, looking at the company websites and you'll soon get a feel for the types of companies out there and the job roles. I worked as a hotel host rather than a chalet host and really enjoyed it - I didn't have to cook and worked as part of a large team which was great so look into that job role too!

If you've not really heard of any companies before, some of the bigger ones are:
Crystal, Neilson, Mark Warner, Flexiski, Skibound, Skiworld, Esprit-SkiTotal-Inghams, Scott Dunn & VIP.
They all pay a similar wage and operate all over the Alps. Scott Dunn, VIP and Neilson tend to have much smaller teams in resort so if working in a big team is a draw factor, set these beneath the others on the list. I think Esprit-SkiTotal-Inghams offer a marginally lower wage, but considering they all tend to be in the £250-£350 range for a host + measley tips, and as it's not about the money it's not a big deal.

Working for a smaller, more upmarket company, or in a privately owned chalet, you can get up to about £800 as a host, but you'll likely have to work harder, look fresher and sacrifice some fun. You'll have to work a lot harder to make friends with other companies too.
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