Help! First timer advice needed! //

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#1  Help! First timer advice needed!  22 May '15 at 12:28
Hi guys!

I'm a total snow novice, and some friends are already talking about planning next year's ski trip. I usually pass, but this year, i've decided to take the plunge!

So, if you could have had one piece of advice for your first ski/snowboard holiday, what would it be?

And can anyone recommend any good resorts for a beginner? Not too extreme, but not too tame either!

Thanks Natives
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#2  Re: Help! First timer advice needed!  19 Jun '15 at 09:07
Try and get some lessons either ski or board at a slope in the UK BEFORE you go. It will save you days of wasted time once you are in resort. DON'T let your friends try and teach you. They are NOT instructors and won't know or see your strengths and weaknesses. DO take at least 3-4 days of lessons in resort. It WILL be amongst the best times you ever have. Austrian ski resorts are certainly the most friendly and resorts such as those around SOLL are great for beginners and intermediates. French resorts may be bigger but accomodation is usually far inferior and the French have a well deserved reputaion for surlyness and bad service. Bulgaria is CHEAP but OK. Slovinia is also cheap and is much sophisticated. Good luck!
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#3  Re: Help! First timer advice needed!  18 Jul '15 at 22:27
I agree with the above post. Mainly just enjoy yourself and try to relax on the slopes and not freak yourself out too much - accept that it's going to be tough at first. Your first few days especially will be hard work as the concept of sliding on skis or a snowboard will most likely be completely alien to you, but if you persevere through this stage it'll be one of the most fun things you've ever done. It was a complete life changer for me, I got to the age of 28 with almost no intention at all to ever ski, and not even paying any attention to it, (it just isn't part of life where I'm from) but now I just want to ski big mountains forever!
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