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#1  Hello... And Cheap Skis!  16 Oct '12 at 15:57
Hey everybody! (Dr Nick Stylee)

Hope everyone's well... I'm back out of the rat race for a bit doing an MBA and can't remember when I last logged on.

Hope this isn't classed as spam, but I thought some of you may be interested...

a flash sale website I'm subscribed to is selling off K2 skis cheap... Eg 2012 Obsetheds for £315 inc bindings.

The site is Sport Pursuit, but if anyone wants to let me have a £5 referral voucher, drop me your email via PM or on here and I'll send the link on.


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#2  Re: Hello... And Cheap Skis!  16 Oct '12 at 18:17
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you look different "obviously you're not a golfer"
Bectoria wrote Bwahahahaha post of the day. Post of the week!! Awesome.
Boggart wrote One of the funniest replies for months...well done!

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#3  Re: Hello... And Cheap Skis!  17 Oct '12 at 10:43
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Heyup BGD... I know, my avatar seems to have vanished in the switch... Will dig another one out!
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