Got the job, got the resort! Live in or out? (chalet host) //

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#1  Got the job, got the resort! Live in or out? (chalet host)  10 Jul '12 at 20:14
Very pleased to have been offered a job as a chalet host (1st season), even more pleased its in St Anton. Really looking forward to going out there doing a great job and having a great time.

There are two potential chalets for me and my partner.

1 is rather modern and not that appealing to us, but we live in.

The second is perfect and exactly where I would choose to go on my ski holiday (if I had the money) but its live out!

I appreciate it's not my chalet or my holiday but feel as tho the more enthusiastic I am about my chalet the better it will be for my guests and my own experience.

So any of you veterans think we're better off live in (average chalet) or out (amazing chalet)?

And where do they usually put you on a live out? Can you still provide same lev level of service when living out?

If I can help anyone applying for jobs this coming winter please let me know.

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old london town!
#2  Re: Got the job, got the resort! Live in or out? (chalet host)  10 Jul '12 at 21:28
Welcome to Natives,

Few of us on here have worked in anton, PM me or let us know which 2 chalets they are, and i'll let you know which is the best chalet to go for.

Enjoy yourselves, great resort to be in for 5 months.
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#2  Re: Got the job, got the resort! Live in or out? (chalet host)  20 Oct '13 at 12:49
I lived out when I ran a chalet, and I would never have wanted to live in!
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