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#1  GoPro and Transceivers  7 Nov '12 at 15:53
Just came across this and thought I would spread it. I do not have permission or anything else its from UKClimbing Forums if there are any issues (doubt it though).

From FaceWest

Lots of people these days record a lot of their skiing and especially their touring on GoPros and other similar action cameras. Whilst out reviewing the new Ortovox Zoom we realised the potential for these to seriously interfere with a transceiver search and knocked up a quick video highlighting the problem.

In the even of a buddy getting caught in a slide, your camera is unlikely to be the first thing on your mind so it would be easy for this to hamper your searching. We'd recommend being extremely careful about when and where you're filming and make sure you check it is turned off should you need to perform a search.

Check out our video here:

Cheers, Sam @ Facewest
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#3  Re: GoPro and Transceivers  8 Nov '12 at 10:05
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I just tested this with my Mammut Pulse Barryvox, against a generic little clip on camera, and an old ipod, and then a smartphone for comparison. It picked up the phone signal from about 15 cm away (I was surprised I could get so close). Both the other two gadgets caused spurious targets when they were within about 5 cm, this will be due to all electronics producing some radio noise, as will any non DC current in a wire.

I would expect a wifi GoPro to be as bad as a phone, but I would definitely definitely turn off all electronics now if I had to do a search.

All very worrying.
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