Forming a band in Meribel? //

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#1  Forming a band in Meribel?  26 Oct '12 at 03:08
Hi guys n gals.

I'm looking to be in a band this season (december - april) and I'm going to be in Meribel with my drum kit.

Anyone else heading to Meribel/Mottaret for the season that fancies playing/making some tunes?

I'm not the worlds greatest drummer but I get by and have done at least 10 gigs over the last 3 years with practice every week. Sadly the guys I play with are not coming out as none of them ski or snowboard and they hate the snow (!?!).

I should be driving out (will know for certain on the 13th november) with my drum kit in a 4x4 and already have my accomodation sorted.

Can also bring an old electric guitar and medium/small amp with me too.

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#2  Re: Forming a band in Meribel?  29 Oct '12 at 09:00
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Hi Dom,
Sounds like you need to get a bit more gigging experience.
have a read of this.
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