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#1  For Sale: Coefficient Drag DVD - Unopened  27 Apr '14 at 15:44
I am moving out of the country a little later this year and so I am starting to get rid of all the things I accumulated while I ran my ski magazine. I wanted to give you guys first dibs on things.

I have a few unopened copies of Coefficient Drag: In Search of Steeze as we partnered with the movie. Call it a fiver and I'll include postage.

[i]Coefficient Drag is the latest film from the teamwork of Warren Smith, Guido Perrini and Melody Sky. The film sets out to find the true definition of the meaning of Steeze. Once they get the Oxford English on that, they look to find out who's got it, where it comes from and what freestyle skiing is all about. The film crew have archived historic freestyle skiing footage from some of the original skiing dudes of the seventies and got the low down on were it all started from the likes of Mark Shapiro and John Falkner. All the freestyle skiers of today give there opinions on it's origin as well.

The crew filmed in Televerbier's 'Neipark 1936', the Saas-Fee Snowpark and New Zealand famous SnowparkNZ near Wanaka. Athletes such as TJ Schiller, Mike Wilson, Jossi Wells, Andy Bennett, Paddy Graham, Eddie 'SlaveMonkey' Thelwell, JL Ratchel, Cory Zila, Mike Wakefield, Tori Beattie throw down all types of super styled (Steezed) out tricks on huge kickers, rails and halfpipe.[/i]

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