First time ski season //

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#2  First time ski season  11 Feb '16 at 09:56
Im not sure if I'm in the right place here but me and my girlfriend are wanting to do a ski season in france possibly canada, but not sure what the best job is to get most out of the skiing we were thinking of chalet hosting together but I've heard its a lot of work and takes up a lot of time I've also heard being a resort rep is good?

Its our first season we will be doing so any idea etc are welcome!
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#3  Re: First time ski season  24 Mar '16 at 08:22
Quote "I've heard it's a lot of work" OF COURSE IT IS!! After ten seasons as a resort/hotel manager, that's exactly the sort of remark and attitude I am fed up of hearing. If you want something, you should have to work for it, don't expect it will be handed to you on a plate. This attitude of "I want it now" is what's ruining all of society.
IF you are prepared to work, and yes some of it will be "hard work" you can have a great season. You want someone else to pay you to be in the mountains? Then you have to give something back. That means your time & effort, wholeheartedly, not half measures of "oh that will do". Be prepared to work hard and make an effort for your guests in whatever role you are able to secure and the rewards can be great.
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