First season. Tattoos, Lip Piercings and Dreads... //

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#1  First season. Tattoos, Lip Piercings and Dreads...  16 Apr '14 at 19:31
So I got friendly with some reps at Crystal ski over in Morzine, after getting to know me they said I would be awesome working for them. They said because of my attitude I'd be a good person to do a season. After speaking to the Manager over emails they basically said that my neck and hand tattoos and lip piercings and dreads will stop me from getting the job. I can understand they have a grooming policy so now I am just going to look at different types of work. Is this going to stop me getting out there next year?? I'm a heating engineer in the UK and I'm ready to do and mediocre job to get by as long as its in the mountain!!!! Hope you guys can shed some light and give me some motivation, I'm a really clean guy and I'm into my fitness and training so don't think I'm not presentable, I just can't see me giving up my alternative style to accommodate such ventures. thanks, Sam
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