extra baggage costs from thailand to new zealand? //

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#1  extra baggage costs from thailand to new zealand?  26 Mar '14 at 12:59
so ive got a flight to bangkok from uk booked with 20kg checked in luggage and an extra ski bag booked, no problem.

im still in the uk at the minute and my problem is that im trying to book another flight from thailand to queenstown newzealand with the same checked luggage.

when i try book it i get the 23kg checked baggage with it but with no option to add an extra bag. ive called qantas airlines that the flight is with (its a connection flight with 1 stop in sydney operated by emirates), qantas said that the only way i can add the extra bag is when i get the airport, and its about and extra $35 per kilo!! the ski bag will be about 15 kilo all together. so a price i dont really want to pay, even more so that i have a connecting flight so would have to do it for that one as well when i get to sydney before getting to queenstown.

i know i can have 23kilo spread across 2 bags but there is going to be much more weight than that with all my ski stuff.

has anyone ever done this before? if so, is there another way to manage this? cheaper?

i looked into manage my booking after paying, but apparently i cant just add an extra bag i have to pay extra weight per 5 kilo.

is that right? there must be another way
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#2  Re: extra baggage costs from thailand to new zealand?  26 Mar '14 at 18:13
Are you spending some time in Bangkok, or is it all one flight, just an odd route?
If it's all on one booking reference, then you should be able to buy an extra bag allowance now.
If it's on a different booking ref, or there is more than a couple of hours between one flight and the next, then you need to add the bag to each flight.

I've just googled qantas excess baggage and their terms say you can buy it online but not on the phone. Have you tried buying it online?
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#3  Re: extra baggage costs from thailand to new zealand?  26 Mar '14 at 18:30
yeh im spending a week in thailand before i move on

and yeh the first leg of the flight is emirates, so im going to contact them tonight to see if they can help.

but from what qantas said about having to pay at the airport just doesnt seem right, and ive looked at booking through a few other agencies and they wouldnt allow me to add an extra bag. it was bravoflight i called first because i was booking with them and they said that they dont have the facility to add baggage il have to call the airline, so i tried qantas first.

i just thought that it doesnt seem right that she said i have to do it at the airport, and that i couldnt manage my booking before hand. bit of an inconvienience.

but il check with emirates and update
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#4  Re: extra baggage costs from thailand to new zealand?  29 Mar '14 at 18:25
so this is how ive done it.

my first flight from edinburgh to bangkok was £240 including my extra bag. i booked direct with norwegian air and added my bag when i went through the booking. its a conecting flight and the extra baggage cost i paid gets carried through to second flight. that was pretty easy to sort out.

the second one i have booked from bangkok to queenstown cost me £420, without the extra baggage, i still need to add it.

its a connecting flight, one stop in sydney, then on to queenstown. first leg is with emirates, second leg is with qantas. so i tried to book it directly with emirates, but when booking direct with them the first leg of the flight from bangkok to sydney cost 400 for that leg alone.

i tried to book with qantas but if you are booking a flight from thailand out to anywhere they have this wierd rule that after you have booked online you have to turn up to their offices in bangkok itself within 2 days and show them the card that you booked the flight with to prove that it not stolen or that its legit or whatever. if you dont, the booking gets rejected. i called them on the phone to say that im booking it from the uk, is there anyway around that, they said no but maybe if you email them before hand and ask if you can fax or email something as proof the may accept it.
I didnt try that.

so i was left to book it through an agency. the cheapest i saw was on skyscanner £340 and book through bravofly, momondo and another of the cheapest airline comparison sites used bravofly aswel, but bravoflys website looked sh*t and its not governed by IATA or ATOL (the people that make sure they are doing their job properly)
so i researched the company and there was only one website that was full of good reviews for them, which i though was dodgy that the good reviews were all on one site. but there was tons of bad reviews everywhere else, so even though its the cheapest i didnt have the balls to book with them as alot of the reviews said that they didnt even book the flight for them.

so i booked with OPODO, because they are governed by IATA and ATOL, £420, but i couldnt add baggage when booking through them. You do get 30 kilo checked baggage and 7 kilo carry on baggage as standard anyway. and the 30 kilo can be spread across 2 bags, i called emirates and that 30 kilo also includes ski equipment. so if your stuff weighs 30 kilo your alright.
but if your bags weight any more than 30, you have to add extra weight allowance. and you have to go on their site to add it in 5 kilo increments. you cant just add an extra bag.
with emirates you can get 30% off extra baggage costs when you add it online before you fly, and from what i saw on their site full price for an extra 5 kilos is about £70. BUT you cant add that to your flight until 72 hours before you fly. but the weight allowance does carry over to the connecting flight as emirates owns qantas anyway.

if you are over weight at the airport and want to pay there it will work out at about £20 per kilo or more
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