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  Topic Started By:  Bonster    On:  Thu 8th December, 2005 at 17:40
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#16  Re: Experience Club Med?  11 Dec '05 at 20:59

Originally posted by Eddie-Ze-Eagle

Hey AK Rockets, who did you get your CSIA 2 with how did you find it - hard, easy, middle.....?

Sorry it's taken a while to reply. I did it with YES ski based in whistler. It was pretty hard, did it at the end of a six week training thing (level 1 after 3 weeks, pretty easy, level 2 on week six) unfortunately I mullered my neck and seperated three ribs from my spine the week before my exam, so was in quite alot of pain through it, but got the skiing part, just missed out on the teaching because I stopped the class in the worlds most stupid place. I re-sat that part in the March of my season once I was working for Whistler Kids, and got it without too much bother (except for falling in the assesment!)

It's very do-able; the thing I struggled with was correcting people when you've not actually had any real teaching experience, and coming up with novel ways to sort it; hence getting it the second time round. My tip would be (if you're doing/thinking about doing it) make notes of what the flaws are in the people you're in a group with, when they're being told by the level 4s that asses you all; the problems won't go away entirely, and you can just pick up on them. It's cheating, but to get through it's fine in my book because you'll not be teaching high end to start with and all you really need is practice that comes with the job.

Belgian Vince; thanks, my current plan is to get back out to Whistler next season, try and get level 3 ISIA and maybe level 1 telemark (!) and or snowboard, at which point I'll be desireable enough to get a decent job off my final canadian visa, at which point I'm known enough and desireable enough to be sponsored for visas untill I can find some Canadian Hotty who wants to marry me... Or maybe I should resign myself to another season (or two) and then having to look for a propper job.
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#17  Re: Experience Club Med?  12 Dec '05 at 11:28
Ahh, sounds good, thanks for the advice!
I'm off out there on the 31st, I can't wait!!
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