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  Topic Started By:  JanieS    On:  Wed 14th October, 2015 at 17:19
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#1  Equity Recruitment Drive  14 Oct '15 at 17:19
So I've been invited to this for a Peak Week job. Which is exciting!

However, it's a REALLY long way (and expensive to travel) to go - and I'm not convinced it's not a marketing technique? Has anyone ever been to one and would mind telling me what it's all about?

I'm more than happy to travel down to Brighton etc. if I think it's a realistic opportunity - or is it more of an open house?

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Anna Ive644
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#2  Re: Equity Recruitment Drive  16 Oct '15 at 13:10
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Hi Janie
you will not be on you own as their will more than like be about 50 people going for all different jobs. and it last all day with lots of different tasks to do in the morning part before you have your one to one interviews in the afternoon. but its not the best company to work for as the pays low good luck with you interview any way.
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