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#1  Emmigration  19 Sep '05 at 10:31
Ok then was wondering if anyone out there has gone throught the whole emmigration process to get into Canada. I've been to one of these online points checker, and it seems that we (my wife and I) score enough points to get in, but doesn't say if that will allow my wife to work as well. Basically i'm after any free info, so i can get myself an idea of things before i fork out a load of money and do the official application. Any knowledge on all aspects of starting a 'new life' over there would be gratefully received.
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#2  Re: Emmigration  19 Sep '05 at 11:35
Yup just been through the whole process, you and your wife will be able to work if you are applying for permanent residency. Currently taking approx 3 years from application before you will even get any contact from the London office though. If you want any info PM me.
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