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  Topic Started By:  drifter    On:  Mon 6th March, 2006 at 15:36
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#1  driving my stuff home  6 Mar '06 at 15:36
After a few years in Switzerland, I need to get a load of stuff back to the UK at the end of the season. As well as the problem of having a load of stuff, I will also be one-armed (well one useful arm at least) as I'm having shoulder surgery next week (hence the reason i'm planning going home already rather than just getting excited about the new snow).

I reckon I can get most of it back by inviting a load of mates to fly out with half empty suitcases, but I'm going to struggle to get things like my printer & DVD player etc home.

Is anyone driving back to the UK sometime in April who fancies a bit of cash for taking some stuff back? A sofa bed in Crans Montana is available if you fancy a bit of skiing before you go. We can negotiate how much stuff it is depending on the size of your car! I know i could sell my stuff and buy new replacements in the UK, but seems a bit of a hassle.

PM me if anyone is interested.

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#3  Re: driving my stuff home  29 Mar '06 at 12:56
Is there any room left in her car after you've put a a pair of blades in it???
Enjoy and laters.
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#4  Re: driving my stuff home  30 Mar '06 at 19:22

Problem solved - I've found a coach going the right direction with enough space even for my dvd collection!!
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