Driving job at 23, help needed //

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#1  Driving job at 23, help needed  25 Jun '15 at 20:01
I have been wanting to do a season for as long as I can remember and having looked at the different types of jobs out there I think something driving related would suit me best. I would be looking to go over the 16/17 season after I graduate, I have been driving on a daily basis since I turned 17 and hold a full regular UK license (clean) and will be 23 by the time I go. he past 2 years I have gone away over summer for a month driving across Europe, each trip being around 4000 miles of driving on the right hand side of the road.

I'm a university student studying mechanical engineering but have spent 3 summers (each 3 months long) working as a labourer for a building company and in this time picked up basic joinery/building/maintenance skills, and prior to that worked at a bike shop part time for a few years.

The question I have is do I have much of a chance of landing a driving job at my age and what different jobs are there out there? Are there any courses I could undertake to increase my chances? I'm aware a lot of them are driver/maintenance which I believe I have some basic experience in but I'm not sure my time as a labourer would count for much as I don't have any actual certification.
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#2  Re: Driving job at 23, help needed  25 Jun '15 at 20:48
Forgot to add, I would be willing to pass my D1 driving license and my Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) if that would give me a decent chance of landing a job, also I am more inclined to go for a driver/handyman job at a chalet than a full time drivers job given the choice. Just after some input from anyone else around my age who has done the same
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#3  Re: Driving job at 23, help needed  26 Jun '15 at 18:15
In addition to the relevant licences and medicals i think the majority of transfer companies want/need you to be 25 for insurance purposes.
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#4  Re: Driving job at 23, help needed  26 Jun '15 at 19:14
I have seen quite a few vacancies that stipulate 21 or 23+, I wondered if generally they go for older people or if anyone around my age had got a driving role.
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#5  Re: Driving job at 23, help needed  1 Jul '15 at 10:58
You might not need professional qualifications for a driver/maintenance job, but obviously you will need to demonstrate some competance in such things as electrics/plumbing/painting & decorating and general DIY skills. Maybe do a couple of evening classes over the next year? Big companies like Hotelplan (Inghams.Esprit,Total) have several of these types of vacanies usually travelling between several resorts or properties. There may also be positions open which only cover 1 resort. These are more likely to give you more time on snow as you wouldn't be traveling between resorts, (lost ski time). The reason for companies wanting over 21/23/25's is usually due to insurance restrictions. Good luck
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#8  Re: Driving job at 23, help needed  14 Aug '15 at 10:01
Wow it seems strange for a graduate guy to take driving as his full time career. Still best of luck buddy you seems to live you dreams.
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