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#2  Desperate to find a winter season job!  7 Oct '16 at 09:28

I've been applying for as many bar staff positions as I can find in the alps since the end of July and have had no offers yet.

I've applied to Equity, Alpine Elements, Season to Season, Club Med to name just a few, along with applying directly to Ski Lodges and Bars. Asides from being offered two interviews (one of which resulted in rejection, the other is on Thursday) I have been rejected from all of them.

I feel like I am a great applicant on paper - I have bar experience, conversational French, great academic qualifications to A Level, I love skiing and I'm very easy to get along with. Can anyone suggest some reasons I have been unsuccessful so far?

Someone recommended calling the Bars and Ski Lodges directly to inquire about job vacancies, has anyone had any success in doing so?

I would quite happily do any job in order to spend a season skiing, but I feel like I am only qualified for bar work as all the other positions require necessary experience. I have read that Chalet jobs are easier to find than bar jobs but I have no formal cooking experience so I assumed I am unqualified, is this the case for all chalet jobs?

I understand this is a lot of questions, but I'd be very grateful for any information at all - Its coming to the end of the period for job applications (so I'm told) so I'm feeling quite desperate!

Thank you!

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#3  Re: Desperate to find a winter season job!  7 Oct '16 at 11:21
wfarka, Strange name? Anyway, bar jobs are not that prevalent in the UK TO's operations. Yes there are a few, those that operate their own 'chalet hotels' or hotels, EG Esprit/Total/Inghams(all Hotelplan companies), VIP, Alpine Elements Mark Warner, and one or two others. You could be setting yourself up for a fall simply by being too focussed on bar work. Do you have any other hospitality experience? You don't need to be a chef or even a good cook to work in chalets or as a hotel assistant. Try being more flexible in your approach. Bear in mind also many TO's don't like things like visible tattoos or piercings or slovenly appearances. If you do go down the route of employment directly in resort, remember you will most likely have to sort out your own accom, insurance, kit, lift pass, and food. All things which are taken care of when working for a UK TO..
Good luck
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