deciding on a "career change" //

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#1  deciding on a "career change"  4 Jun '15 at 13:33
Heya shreders!
i'd like to share my pondering here, and feel free to reply

ive hit a wall, reaching the end of my 20's, and the wish to go on full seasons of snowboarding surrpases all else. after time spent searching options, and thru a lot of info on this site, it seems that teaching snowboarding is really what "tics all the boxes" for me. thing is, it means really putting off other things that i do and commiting to something new and exciting.
have you faced this decision yourself before? what were the outcomes?
my worry is to get ahead as instructor i wound earn enough in the first seasons to break even after taking the course. and also, i woundnt want to spend my time on the mountains "dogging it out" in a crap shack just so i would have some of my salary left after accomodation.
can u tell me what u had to deal with starting out ?
there are many aspects why thhis could be my "dream job", and there are aspects why this might not. i'd like to know and read as much as i can

i'd like to reach as many people as i can, and listen to what you have to say before i choose to pour my savings on a snowboard course

take a moment and write some on your expirience
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#2  Re: deciding on a "career change"  14 Aug '15 at 10:39
Though I have not been through this situation ever but still I can say one thing that if you are doing something that you really enjoy to do and if you are choosing that as your career then I am 100 % sure that you'll definitely do something good with your life. So whatever you do, do it with confidence. Good Luck!
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#3  Re: deciding on a "career change"  2 Oct '15 at 13:05
Hi Evig? If you are already a competent boarder/skier, there is no need to sign up for one of the commercial 10-15 week courses. Go to the CSIA web site and look for their courses. When I did this back in 2005 (age 54! ), my level 1 course cost $286 for 5 days! I followed up with Level 2 in 2007, the cost of the course was about $450. Now OK, you would have to get your own flight and accom in Canada and obviously need to feed yourself but the overall cost would be MUCH less than one of the "all in" courses. Depending on your own strengths, doing this alone might not be for you but I am very "self sufficient" and didn't mind not being part of some big group off the slopes. Hope this helps and good luck!
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