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#1  Daredevil Tournaments in the snow - any advice!  11 Sep '13 at 16:59
Hi Folks

I run a little startup called the Daredevil Project and I was wondering if anyone on the forum could give us some advice... We've been developing some events in the uk called Daredevil Tournaments for the past 6 months (www.daredevilproject.com for more info) which are 'mischievous tournaments where teams of friends carry out ‘One-Word Tasks’ in the most entertaining way. Picture and video evidence of each task is uploaded to judges using the Daredevil App. The judges award points for each one – the team with the most points at the end of the tournament wins.' We want to run them across resorts - on the slopes and in the bars - as a kind of next level, smartphone valley rally!
Ok, marketing bullsh1t over...
We're super keen to start running tournaments in the Alps - problem is we're quite late to the party for this season and (although keen skiers/boarders) non of us have any experience with the ski industry!

The things we wanted to get the community's thoughts on were:
Which ones do you guys think is the best fit - we've got a few ideas, but generally places with more of a light hearted mood where groups of young people go, ski hard, party hard and don't care too much about making themselves look a bit stupid every now and again. Along similar lines do you know of any bars where you think it this could be quite fun to run tournaments out of?

Would it work?
Do you think it would work on the slopes? Could you see you and your mates/ general punters giving it a go?

How should we get people to take part?
Any bright ideas on how to sell it? We're thinking working with tour operators as a bonus activity, selling it in resort and at bars and offering seasonaires the opportunity to make a bit of cash by getting groups involved...

I really appreciate any advice or help you guys can give. We're a very independent startup trying to create something a bit different - we think we've got a really great concept and (we hope!) it will be awesome out in the snow! Let me know if you want to get involved partnering businesses or personally helping out running/developing the tournaments over the season - or even just have a chat about what we're getting up to

Have a wicked winter


Paul Archer

paul [at] daredevilproject.com
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