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#1  Chalet Cookery Courses  18 Jul '15 at 22:09
Hello folks,

I'm starting to look into doing a Europe ski season now (Verbier, Switzerland is the ideal target) and I'm finding that a lot of the jobs are related to these chalet roles. I'm 30 years old and am currently living in Whistler, BC, Canada where I have done the past two winter seasons as a photographer on the mountains and two summers working in kitchens.

I have a lot of good customer service experience now, but I have no serious cooking experience (just burger restaurants, so only some prep and grill cooking) so I've been looking at a few of these cookery courses that can give you a boost to the skills required for these jobs.

Does anyone have any experiences to share with any companies/courses or any help/guidance to offer at all? Alternative job ideas would be welcome as well as I'm still trying to figure out how it all works in Europe (I've only ever skied in Whistler, except for two days in Revelstoke!). In Whistler the way it usually works is you just get your visa etc. head there and just get looking for work once you're there, but there is definitely not so much of the "chalet host" work going.

Thanks a lot for any responses!

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Hi Joe,

First thing is, are you an EU or Swiss citizen? If not you will need a work visa from one of these countries.
Working for a UK tour operator in Switzerland is pretty niegh on impossible now the Swiss have enforced their minimum wage rules on all overseas operators in the country. The big tour operators have pulled out of Switzerland all together. Some smaller high end chalet operators still have properties but they employ VERY high end staff for their properties.
If you do apply to a UK operator they will require you to have a UK bank a/c NI number and UK address. Don't be too fixated on just one resort. There are many options in Europe. My personal favorites having skied for the last 30 years and worked the last 10 winters in the industry,are in Austria especially around Lech/Zurs (part of the wider Arlberg area which includes St Anton). As for being a chalet host, any cooking skills will be an advantage. Companies will give (limited) pre season training and you would have a recipie book to follow. Good luck
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