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  Topic Started By:  Bags    On:  Thu 16th August, 2012 at 17:26
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#1  Career break?!  16 Aug '12 at 17:26
I'm BACK! Just wanted to ask a question that I'm hoping will get an overwhelmingly supportive response...

I've thought about doing another ski season for years, but the whole CAREER thing got in the way. Then I went and got the job I thought I'd always wanted and it turns out it isn't quite right after all. Should I bin it and do a season!? I am a bit scared at the thought, but you always have to take a bit of a risk in these things, and in reality I don't think I'll ever get another chance as well-timed as this one. Discuss.
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#2  Re: Career break?!  16 Aug '12 at 17:37

Go for it.

Me and the Mrs Are about to embark on our first season! We have both packed in what are considered to be good jobs, careers if you will! And in our late thirties.

Most people think we are a bit mad, but they also admit a great deal of jealousy.

I am very nervous as we are risking the house as we do not have jobs to come back to but........

Life is what you make it and you only get one chance so why not.


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#3  Re: Career break?!  16 Aug '12 at 19:11
Welcome back, Bags!

On this forum, you are, of course, only going to be advised to do another season so...., have a great time wherever you end up!
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#4  Re: Career break?!  16 Aug '12 at 19:53

Welcome back;

Now let's see if the Boggart understands the situation....

You post a question a site aimed squarely at delinquents who have a need for mainlining snow fixes on a regular basis, enquiring about the possibility of dropping a miserable winter of commuting to a job that you don't particularity care for but has a modicum of stability; in order to just keep your head above the financial waters but with the possibility of a hectic social life that lasts six days a week, daytime and night-time and involves having fun participating in your chosen method of sliding down a mountain?

Forget it....stick to the drudgery of the UK. Then at least you will have something to seriously regret for the rest of your life.

I remain,

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#5  Re: Career break?!  16 Aug '12 at 20:16
I've quit 3 good jobs in the past just because I didn't like them and with nothing to replace them.

This was even before I discovered ski seasons...

It was always the right thing to do and worked out OK.

Just do it!
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#6  Re: Career break?!  16 Aug '12 at 22:51
I don't personally know much about this 'career' business, but am reliably informed that it doesn't involve very much skiing, so on that basis alone, chuck it in.
Anything worth doing is worth getting hurt for
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#7  Re: Career break?!  17 Aug '12 at 08:17
For god's sake, Baggers ...

If you're unhappy with your new job, get the fuck out[/i:879a333ade]. Regardless of whether you go to another "career" job or do a season, [i:879a333ade]leave[/i:879a333ade].

I cannot emphasise enough how important this is. You have exactly one life. There is no afterlife. There are no second chances. Why fu[i:879a333ade][/i:879a333ade]ck up this one being unhappy?

You know you'll end up back in the snow, and you know you'll be happy when you get there.

You also know that you will worry occasionally, think about spending your declining years in a cardboard box under a bridge (that might just be me, I admit), and every now and again wake up and just not want to get up. This is what we call the human condition.

Now, man the fu[i:879a333ade]
ck up, quit the dayjob and go and have fun.


Aged 51 and a third. Going on 13.
I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me.


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#8  Re: Career break?!  17 Aug '12 at 09:22
Good to see you round here again Bags. I agree with the Groper. Get out there and do what you enjoy. There's no need to be stuck doing something you hate!
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#9  Re: Career break?!  17 Aug '12 at 10:01
Some wise replies. And yes, I knew by posting on here I'd receive a somewhat skewed response - that was the idea.

I guess the only thing I'm worried about is my CV looking a little "jumpy" when I inevitably go back to the career thing in the future. That and the fact that I'm on three months notice and won't be able to quit until October! Oh well, hopefully it will be negotiable.

SG - you're right about not spending too much time doing a job you don't enjoy. The specific job I'm in now isn't what I thought it would be, but overall I don't mind the general field that I work in, so practically it makes sense for me to return to it eventually whatever I do in the interim. However, if you leave it too late you have to start at the bottom again and that is a little depressing. To be honest though, most people in this industry (Finance) are too obsessed with career progression and appearing successful, so even if you're not really like that it can be easy to get swept up in it.

Financially I'm in quite a good place, my boyfriend is game (unsurprisingly, he's not exactly the career-minded type anyway), our flat is already tenanted (I know, good timing right!?), so all that remains is for us to get jobs... Which basically means it's out of our hands, let's see how it goes. Fingers crossed.
"I am a very good my mind. However, video evidence suggests that I'm rubbish. I look like a bus driver in a primary-coloured anorak, sitting on an imaginary lavatory. Also I can only turn right. So to mask my embarrassment, and the pain in my thighs, I ski only when very drunk. I can recommend this wholeheartedly." Jeremy Clarkson
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#11  Re: Career break?!  17 Aug '12 at 12:44
Bags - there are, of course, various Finance roles in both resort and overseas offices which would add to your CV (or at least make it less jumpy)
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#14  Re: Career break?!  18 Aug '12 at 08:04

Originally posted by

I guess the only thing I'm worried about is my CV looking a little "jumpy"

- Get a tiny bit if freelance work whilst way (eg answering e-mails from your previous compnay)
- Write on your cv "I was lucky enough to be able to continue with freelance finance (insert exact work specific jargon) whilst spending a winter season in the alps"
- Pack your bags
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#16  Re: Career break?!  20 Aug '12 at 08:52
Don't do it, you've made the break now like an ex addict giving up an addictive, why start again....

Bectoria wrote Bwahahahaha post of the day. Post of the week!! Awesome.
Boggart wrote One of the funniest replies for months...well done!

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#18  Re: Career break?!  22 Aug '12 at 09:44
Don't worry about a jumpy CV.

If you do your season and then return the 'career' world, employers are happy that you got out and did it beforehand, and it's now (sort-of-or-at-least-as-much-as-you-let-on-to-them) out of your system.

My CV is jumpy as f^%k (thanks to a ski followed by summer season, then a uni year a bit later on) and somehow I still managed to return to my growed up life and now have other people's lives in my evil sweaty little mitts
The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised.
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#19  Re: Career break?!  27 Aug '12 at 20:49

Originally posted by elvis

Originally posted by techmonkey

Transfer to Luxembourg or Geneva and go skiing at the weekends.

+1 for The Way of the Weekend Warrior with the Weighty Wallet, although having done it from Luxembourg, it's still a fair old drive to most of the really high bits. Would aim for Zurich, Calgary (The Way of the Izzle) or Vancouver if you can pull it off workwise. Not a big fan of Geneva but that's just me.

Speak of the devil, and he shall appear.

Calgary is still amazing. Even 4 years later. Spent the summer hammering around on speedboats wakeboarding. Itching for winter to come around to be seeds deep in powder. Yeah!

And yeah, it's nice to head out with a weighty wallet. Being just an hour away from the rockies is awesome.

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#20  Re: Career break?!  29 Aug '12 at 00:06
It's been a while people...I have just returned from my second skiing sabatical from so called 'proper work' and it really isn't an issue especially in Australia, all aussie's travel and a jumpy CV doesn't seem to be an issue here in regards to getting a job. I have chucked in 3 good jobs to 1) Do Season 2) move to Aussie 3) Be a ski bum/traveller

Will be heading for another sabatical to Japan and South America next year

Better to do it than to wish you had have done later. Old people's biggest regrets are not travelling enough and not enough sex the answer = ski seasons

Live life to the edge, ski hard, party hard and ignore the hangover
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