Car Share UK to Courchevel Saturday 27th December //

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#1  Car Share UK to Courchevel Saturday 27th December  24 Oct '14 at 20:00

13 of our family going in 4 cars which results in my Audi A6 estate diesel with only 1 person - Other 3 family units leaving from Dartfords & Canterbury but I will be leaving from Southampton poss via Dover hence I am currently travelling on my own.. I will be leaving for early ferry Sat 27 Dec and return 1 week later.

Car has winter tyres and I do this trip often 2 times each season (for last 14yrs)

Safe driver - no accidents.

If anyone is interested in sharing trip and contribute to costs let me know so that I can add your name to ferry booking.

Car will take 4 with one rear seat folded for skis or I can fit a roof box if total of 5 people.
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#2  Re: Car Share UK to Courchevel Saturday 27th December  2 Dec '14 at 13:23
Hi mate, there are 2 of us looking to get to Val Thorens on Saturday 27th, we will have 1 bag each and one will have skis. How much would you be looking for for the 2 of us? Also, is there potential to car share for the return journey? If so when will that be? Cheers.
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#3  Re: Car Share UK to Courchevel Saturday 27th December  11 Dec '14 at 10:24
Hi there, I'm also looking for a ride out to Val Thorens for the new year week (solo). Obviously happy splitting the costs, is there still a space?
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#4  Re: Car Share UK to Courchevel Saturday 27th December  16 Dec '14 at 09:11
In reply to jonnyf (Post #3)
Sorry for delay in answering you but I have been away. We can fit one more in easy - currently 3 of us.

Plan is to drop two at Moutiers and they will catch the bus for last stretch to Val Thorens and I will go on to Courvchevel and reverse arrangements for following Saturday.

I will be leaving Southampton on Boxing Day and Dartford London on the Saturday approx. 03.00 for the 04.50 ferry.

Other two are travelling from Ipswich and meeting me in Dartford.

Currently splitting ferry/fuel/toll cost 3 ways. I supply car free!

Really comes down to how convenient our travel arrangements are for you. I went for cheapest ferry booking so there will be an additional amendment fee to alter booking.

Can you send me a reply with contact details

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