Canada came good in the end... //

  Topic Started By:  spudski    On:  Fri 16th November, 2012 at 13:52
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#1  Canada came good in the end...  16 Nov '12 at 13:52
... Visa sorted... Check
... CRB sorted... Check
.... Contract for Ski School sorted.... Check
.... Accomodation sorted... Check
.... Flights paid for... Check
.... Season Insurance... still gotta do....

But hey... I'm off to Canada... Instructing... Woo hoo... There is a God..

So Happy...
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#2  Re: Canada came good in the end...  16 Nov '12 at 15:22
In reply to spudski (Post #1)
Delighted for you - which resort?
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#3  Re: Canada came good in the end...  16 Nov '12 at 15:27
In reply to mickworld (Post #2)

Excellent news which has cheered me up, I need all the good news I can get. Just need the Groper to do the business and the Boggart will be jumping through metaphorical hoops.

I remain,

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#4  Re: Canada came good in the end...  16 Nov '12 at 17:34
Nice work! Stoked for you. I just got home from post season hols to find a bunch of new ski gear, so getting excited for the new season too!
Anything worth doing is worth getting hurt for
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depth's of despair
#6  Re: Canada came good in the end...  17 Nov '12 at 09:47
In reply to daisy (Post #5)
Cheers everyone... I'm really stoked. Gauranteed a minimum of 25 hrs a week lessons too which is a bonus.
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#7  Re: Canada came good in the end...  17 Nov '12 at 11:53
In reply to spudski (Post #6)
Fantastic news, spudders, and I am properly jealous. Where are you off to?
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#8  Re: Canada came good in the end...  19 Nov '12 at 19:15
In reply to spudski (Post #6)
Yeah... where? We're set for a *bumper* snow season this year

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