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#1  Can anyone help  6 Nov '14 at 08:29
I know this is a shot in the dark, but hey ho. A few months ago I was offered a chalet assistant job with ski total, ready to accept the offer, I quickly looked over the contract with my parents and unfortunately what we discovered; terrible rate of pay (£5 A DAY!), minimum of 48hrs over 6 days coupled with a weak insurance policy and other alarming elements convinced me that perhaps a ski season wasn't for me, so I declined the job offer.

Now I considered my ski season dream all but dead, until a chance conversation with one of the locals from a pub I work at in which he told me to stop being stupid and enjoy myself, now while he didn't understand all the ins and outs of the frankly horrendous contract that Ski Total offered, however he reignited my fire to do a ski season.

So if there is anyone who might be able to help me at this late stage of job applications, even if it's just advice, an email or a phone number I will forever be in your debt, thanks!
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#2  Re: Can anyone help  6 Nov '14 at 12:27
You should definitely still try to do a season! Don't let one bad contract put you off an awesome winter...

I'm afraid I can't help too much with specific advice because I'm only just heading out for my first season too, but get on google and track down every job you can and apply for everything! Yes a lot of jobs will be taken now, but there's still some out there - and then a few people are sure to drop out so you might get a job that way if you keep your eyes peeled. Good Luck!
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#3  Re: Can anyone help  6 Nov '14 at 15:30
In reply to luke_wiechula (Post #1)
if you are looking to do a winter season try putting a ad onto chalet direct say what so of work you looking as there are still some jobs going or even if you get JAN start you still out in the alps for 4 months with good .aslo don't let one contract put you off doing a season
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#4  Re: Can anyone help  6 Nov '14 at 15:52
Hi Luke,
Ski Totals contract is fairly standard offer for the ski tour operators. There will be a few pounds difference between companies but not much. You could try the following sites, upload your CV and see what comes. Money is not the main reason to do a season but I sympathise with your dissapointment! of course look on Natives
Good Luck
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#5  Re: Can anyone help  6 Nov '14 at 18:33

As said above the contract is fairly standard for a TO. Don't write off going for a TO though, they will always have drop-outs in the first few weeks of the season so smash some applications in now and you could be in with a chance at some point later in the season.

The salary is so low because you get quite a few extras which you could see as having been deducted from your salary at source. Ski hire, season lift pass, food, transport to resort and back, and accommodation. The money is low but if you were to pay for all of the above on your own you would need pretty deep pockets. Also had you factored in the £150 monthly overseas bonus for Ski Total? It's paid on top of the salary. There are better paid jobs in resort (bar work etc) but it will be a pretty long shot to get one this late in the game and also they usually won't give you a lift pass or ski hire and that sort of thing.

Good luck.
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#6  Re: Can anyone help  7 Nov '14 at 08:27
I knew I wasn't going to make any money doing a ski season, but I didn't want to be massively out of pocket having worked the past 14 months saving money (particularly 8 months of working 70 hour weeks), I didn't want to splurge it all away. Initially it was made apparent to me that food would not be provide, I considered that combining food and drink money over a total of 5 months would leave me very poor. Funnily enough the job offer I got was in Lech!
Thanks for your help everyone, I have put an add up on Chalet Direct and I think I might write a grovely email to ski total and see if they'll still have me, think it might work?
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