Cameraman/Business Partner wanted: Val D isere //

  Topic Started By:  ben123    On:  Thu 24th November, 2005 at 15:15
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#1  Cameraman/Business Partner wanted: Val D isere  24 Nov '05 at 15:15
I'm heading to Val beginning of Jan, in order to supplement my meagre savings i have come up with a scheme that hopefully support my penchant for the good things in life (Krystal, Fine Wines or failing that - lager).

I have a DV camera, Laptop, Editing Software and DVD Burner, You have a DV camera and the desire to make a bit of cash on the side.

The Plan: To make and sell Holiday DVD's to tourists.

I'm sure that loads of tourists would love to take home a high quality memento of their hol's and we could make it happen!

If you are up for helping me to get this mini business idea off the ground then please get in touch. I know it seems kinda hair brained but you never know unless you try.

my email:
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#2  Re: Cameraman/Business Partner wanted: Val D isere  24 Nov '05 at 15:26
Good luck - there are others doing that too!!!

Would try targeting familes as they don't have the time to take photos and might like a video of little mary learning to ski, but think there are legal implications of having footage of children etc so careful mr x isn't a hotshot lawyer on holiday and gets agrro with you!!!
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#3  Re: Cameraman/Business Partner wanted: Val D isere  24 Nov '05 at 15:36
yeah kinda thought that but dont fancy clearing up sick/washing dishes all season soi its worth a shot at least, with a bit of positive marketing sure i could make a few euros.

Will keep an eye out for that lawyer!
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#4  Re: Cameraman/Business Partner wanted: Val D isere  24 Nov '05 at 16:03
That sounds like a wicked idea Ben - what could be better than combining two passions and making money in the process!!
Not that you will need it, but good luck and I hope it all comes off for you!
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