Blaggers guide to chalet host! //

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  Topic Started By:  flibdong    On:  Mon 7th November, 2005 at 22:58
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#16  Re: Blaggers guide to chalet host!  10 Nov '05 at 06:54
Some *excellent* tips there, especially from Peds & Jess

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#18  Re: Blaggers guide to chalet host!  10 Nov '05 at 08:11
"There is no sense of possibility if there is no reality, but I could be wrong of course" - R. Musil
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#19  Re: Blaggers guide to chalet host!  10 Nov '05 at 10:26
Belgers and Dinners,

Maybe our laddo, Stanners, meant 'ram it in a can,' so could just be a typo? Though what kind of can he did not say, used baked been, old Coke tin??

I think he should tell us.

I remain,

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#20  Re: Blaggers guide to chalet host!  10 Nov '05 at 18:44
ok yeh fair enough i bought that on myself cant spell for.
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#21  Re: Blaggers guide to chalet host!  10 Nov '05 at 22:36
Easy cheese sauce: dont bother with a roux....just heat up some double cream, add grated cheese....melt it a bit whilst stirring.....

All guests will ask you how you made such an amazing sauce.....dont tell them.

You can add some white fish to the sauce...into ramekins...add some breadcrumb topping and grill - v quick starter (also easy to turn into a veggie dish..scrap the fish, just add carrots and brocolli)

Use it in kids meals....cheesy pasta/on baked potatoes etc

Also, with kids meals: tell them everything is Harry Potter food. i.e. Harry Potter pasta, Harry Potter spag bol - they will eat everything you give them

Good luck!
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Snow Minx
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#22  Re: chalet manual  11 Nov '05 at 11:15
Sounds anal but the company manual that is given to you is probably the best advice as they are tried and tested recipes that are simple. Stick to what you know and dont be too adventurous as the guests wont appreciate it.

Use the yoghurt cake recipe for afternoon tea as this rises great at altitude. Look at other peoples menu plans to get ideas and most of allffer a friendly service to your guests as it will make the food taste better!

Good luck and have confidence!xx
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#23  Re: Blaggers guide to chalet host!  11 Nov '05 at 21:09
Thanks for all the advice guys and gals, really appreciate it and im taking most of it in!

pow pow pow.
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