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#2  Best job for the season  7 Apr '16 at 11:38
I'm thinking about doing a ski season in my year out, but don't know what sort of job I should get. My sister was a chalet girl last year for Ski Total and got rubbish pay and long hours, so was a bit put off, so I'm looking for some advice on what jobs are the best for a season in terms of pay/work/hours or which companies are the best to work for. I do know people who have really enjoyed being a ski rep, but is 19 to young to get that job?
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#3  Re: Best job for the season  8 Apr '16 at 18:12
Hi Tclarke. If you work for a UK tour operator the terms experienced by your sister are going to be pretty much the same for the majority of them. What you have to realise is that although the pay may seem low, with all the other benefits you will actually be reasonably rewarded for your efforts.
Accommodation is the most expensive part of your package. When you add up the lift pass, equipment hire, food, insurance, transport to-from resort, you are looking at several thousand Euros for the season.
It can be hard work but if you knuckle down to it, the rewards can be good.
All your pay is just spending money and with tips from happy guests, (up to you), your disposable income can be plenty to enjoy some other things apart from the skiing, which should be the primary reason to do it.
If you are fluent if another language, German, Italian, French? why not try the local employers. Downside? You will need to arrange all those benefits listed above.
Good luck in what ever you decide to do.
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