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#1  [b]Buying Equipment[/b] - UK or Alps?  28 Aug '05 at 23:55
I'm doing a season this year in France and i was looking into buying my first setup. Is it best to buy it in the before i leave and try and get some deals during summer or wait til i get there?
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#2  Re: [b]Buying Equipment[/b] - UK or Alps?  29 Aug '05 at 00:06
Alps definately:

1) You may well get a seasonairre discount
2) You can try before you buy
3) The shop's right there so can make adjustments for you if necessary and may well do a few free services through the season.
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#3  Re: [b]Buying Equipment[/b] - UK or Alps?  30 Aug '05 at 09:18
about the seasonnaires discount, you'll always get about 10% off but no more than any decent shop around here will give you if you buy a full setup.

I'd agree with being able to test stuff and having the after service tho.

If you know what you want already tho and/or can get it cheap over here then it might be worth it as there may not be much cheap kit left from last season in resort.

I got mine before I went over cos i knew the shop guys and could get a lot more money off than in the alps.
Am glad i did too cos you couldn't get the board i wanted in resort.

overall probably makes more sense to buy in resort tho i guess
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