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#1  Assessment day with Alpine Elements  12 Nov '14 at 00:09
Got an assessment day/interview with Alpine Elements on Friday for a bar/restaurant supervisor, any heads up on what to expect? I haven't done an assessment day yet, they've all been face to face interview, any help appreciated!
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#2  Re: Assessment day with Alpine Elements  12 Nov '14 at 07:15
i went to an assessment day for crystal ski and it was pretty laid back if im honest
it was split into two parts

they had a big group on the morning where you did a presentation in groups and some problem solving bits and bobs.

then on the afternoon they selected a group of people who go through to the final stage then there was a roleplay and a one to one interview.

the main part where people seemed to crumble was when we had to do presentations in front of each other.

im not sure how different crystal assessment differs from alpine elements but i can imagine it will be pretty similar

as cliche as it sounds.....
just be yourself and you should be sound haha
and be confident!
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