Any companies that allow time off during season? //

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#2  Any companies that allow time off during season?  7 Nov '16 at 09:43
Hi all,

Thanks for reading. Would love to do a ski season with my other half but he has a young daughter who he'd like to continue seeing throughout the season, which will obviously involve travelling back to the UK. Just wondering if there are companies out there that have work that's not back to back weeks or is this a completely unfeasible option for us. I've seen the odd post from private chalet owners that have chalets that are not fully booked all season but it seems few and far between.

We are looking for a chalet couple job as we both have worked as chefs and have extensive experience in the hospitality sector. Any advice would be greatfully received,

Many thanks.
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#3  Re: Any companies that allow time off during season?  7 Nov '16 at 18:47
Hi Rishy,
I think to a degree you have already answered your own question.
No UK TO's will be willing to allow any staff time off in the season. Normal working patterns are 6 days out of 7. No 'holidays' are allowed and holiday pay is accrued through the season. They are even reluctant to give time off due to bereavement of a close relative, as I found out personally. I threatened that I would just leave if I wasn't allowed to go and be a pall bearer at my brother in laws funeral following his very sudden death.
You also have the answer in your view that working for a 'private' chalet of some kind, could give you the flexibility you want.
There are a couple of agencies which specialise in these kind of openings. they usually want very experienced 'high end' staff for the roles. Try Silver Swan recruitment.
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