Any advice welcome- newbie to the scene :-) //

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#2  Any advice welcome- newbie to the scene :-)  27 Feb '17 at 08:56
I am planning on spending 2017-2018 winter season working in the Alps.
I am currently employed and living in London. Both my daughters are grown up... my husband is happy-ish plodding on with work but I'm DONE and I want out of the MUNDANE routine and filthy air. My heart is in the mountains...
I am looking into the array of possibilities and have reassurances that my dreams could well become a reality. There are a couple of things I would welcome advice on.
1) I was wondering what the best option would be for me, in terms of working and living, as I would like to be in position to have my husband / daughters sometimes coming to see me.
2) Is it absolutely imperative to do a chalet hosing course as I am experienced in cooking and cleaning? I'm thinking though that potential employers may look favourably at people who have done courses.
Any advice on anything along these lines would be MOST welcome.
Many thanks for reading my post :-)
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#3  Re: Any advice welcome- newbie to the scene :-)  2 Mar '17 at 04:32
Hello CMCK1 and welcome to Natives.
A very open question you have posed and it leaves as many questions as answers but I will try.

You are obviously a 'mature' lady from your description of your status?

There are lots of opportunities for mature well organised, responsible adults in the ski tour operator market.

If you can demonstrate reasonable cooking skills, a chalet host position is almost 'easy' to secure, however this is a fairly lowly position and will involve sharing accommodation with potentially much younger staff. Could be a problem if you value your own space & privacy?

If you can demonstrate a degree of management skills, in some field?. Well this could open up the possibility of perhaps a Resort/Hotel/Catering/Rep manager role. Plus side to this is you will probably secure your own accommodation in resort, which for a more mature person may be worth it's weight in gold. This means having visitors is a more personal option.

As for how to apply. Fairly straight forward. Send of your CV, tailored to a position you would like to have. IE if you want a manager role, make sure your CV has lots of management experience prominent.. Send this off to any UK tour operator you would like to work for.

Extra languages are also a massive plus and would inevitably put you on the short list for that country.

I did my first season aged 54 in 2005/6. I am now working a season in Steamboat Springs Colorado USA. My 10th season in 11. (had last season off but did do 5 ski trips!). Feel free to contact me if you require further info, always happy to help, and good luck.
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