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#1  Advice on NZ please !?!  11 Nov '05 at 08:42
I am off to nz next year, will be there from Febuary, and want to work and board through the season (june/october), any advice on which resorts, sort of jobs, anything interesting/useful will be greatly appreciated
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Originally posted by iamwesty

I am off to nz next year, will be there from Febuary, and want to work and board through the season (june/october), any advice on which resorts, sort of jobs, anything interesting/useful will be greatly appreciated

You lucky bugger going to NZ. What a brillant country!

i went travelling to Nz this year. The 2 main ski resorts are Queenstown and neighbouring Wanaka (smaller and equally beautiful) on the south island, there are various other ski resorts around, but not as popular and lively. And here you have the 3 main mountain areas; Treble Cone, Coronet Peak and the Remarkables. I only ski-ied the Remarkables, which i didn't find very Remarkable!!! Dissappointing for the usual reasons poor snow and limited runs. Still though i think it'd be a worthwhile experience, as the place has a great vibe and lots of partying going on. And how could i forget FANTASTIC scenery! Warning though lots of competition for jobs.

Advice: Check out NZ Lonely Planet guide and check out visas on the immigration w'site.

I travelled with Stray and would recommend them, but expensive. You might be better buyinig a car if you're going to be there for a while.

Top tip: Travel down the Lindis pass from Christchurch to Queenstown - one of the top road trips - unbelievably stunning. Don't miss the westcoast lots of stunning scenery. Do as much as poss. Too many things to mention, but you'll find your way.

All the best you lucky bugger
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#3  Re: Advice on NZ please !?!  11 Nov '05 at 13:19
Got back from NZ a month ago. Spent three months working in a ski shop in Queenstown, and am going back again next year. Queenstown is an amazing place to spend the season, though jobs and accomodation can be quite hard to come by. I'd advise you to get to Queenstown (if you decide to do the season there) by about mid-May in order to get sorted. A ski shop is about the best work in town (there are at least 10), as you get to use equipment, get a cheap ski pass etc, or else working up the mountain (which you can apply for on the internet at The size of the ski fields is tiny compared to Europe, and having to drive up there every day is a bit of a pain, but on powder days the skiing is great, and its a great place to learn how to ride in parks as they set up many small jumps and rails, as well as larger ones for those more experienced.

I'd definitely recommend going up the West Coast for a few days, and Able Tasman national park should be seen before the weather turns too cold. Milford Sound is another must see.

Definitely buy a car though! Best and cheapest way to see the country, and a must once you are in any ski town to get up the mountain (mountain employees do get a free coach up though).
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#4  Re: Advice on NZ please !?!  11 Nov '05 at 17:33
i worked for nzski as a liftie a couple of years ago up at the remarkables. i suggest going onto their website and apply for a job asap as they go pretty quick. good company to work for though. Had an amazing time - queenstown is awesome and i second that suggestion about getting a car (i got a van, easier to put your boards in and very handy for road trips) such an amazing country and the riding is awesome over at cardrona and treble cone that you'll want to visit them as often as poss.
plus gives a good excuse to drive up to aukland and stop off at the other excellent mountains on the north island on the way!
lucky bugger
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