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#1  Accomodation for the whole of March?  5 Feb '06 at 19:16
Hey there one and all....

Im looking to take a workin holiday (heheh - id take the whole month of if I could but it aint gonna happen) in March, somewhere in the Alps. I'm a computer programmer lucky enough to be able to work remotely, and I've managed to talk my boss into letting me sit out in Europe for the whole of March and work from there. My plan is to take about 5 days off as holiday, combine that with the weekends, and basically use the days when the snow comes....I'm hoping that I'll get luckier that way than if i just went out for a week's holiday and the snow was sh1t. I can move my weekends around as well, so if it dumps down and things are looking good on day 3 I can just take 3 days off and make up for it some other time....

Anyway, thats a bit about what Im at - basically, before I do anything I thought I'd post here to see if anyone a: knew of, or has any interesting opportunities for somewhere to stay for the month...b: can tell me any reason why I shouldn't be looking at cham as my first choice (if not tell me somewhere id be better off!) and c: if anyone might have a freestyle 155-158 board + bindings they're looking to move on....lastly d: is anyone maybe planning on driving down that way early march?

a is most important to me, im only mentioning the others coz i cant be arsed to post multiple times I have an option on a studio in cham for 600 for the month (with internet access there which i need for work)....doesnt sound bad, but I thought id check if there might be any other options before i go ahead with it....

anyway, thanks in advance if anyone has anything to say....

take it easy,

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