'A proper job in the Alps' - Management role //

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#1  'A proper job in the Alps' - Management role  2 Sep '15 at 09:28
Right, so you either do a seasonaire job - changing hours, low pay but maximum fun/time on the mountains.


You get lucky and find a 'proper' full time job in the mountains. These are hard to find, and often filled by in-resort 'specialists'. However sometimes companies look further afield.

Check out Mountain Mavericks Chalet Coordinator role here if you are looking for a career change with a difference!

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Hi Joss,

Link isn't working for me, have you got an alternative?


CV available here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4vucD9McOH_SW5FdTBMQ3dYSE0
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