1 x 2012 air cannister from Snowpulse Backpacks //

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#1  1 x 2012 air cannister from Snowpulse Backpacks  7 Feb '13 at 18:44
I have one of these for sale at the moment on Ebay, its £64.99 and is brand new, I got it for some heli skiing with a snowpulse back pack, but because of the lack of snow never used it, so its still brand new in its box and has never been fitted. These rrp for about £90 so this is a bargain ! >>


You are buying 1 x 2012 air cannister from Snowpulse.

The cannister is non-rechargeable locally but by removing the valve assembly from previous model the cartridge is now substantially lighter and more compact. Can be returned for recycling.

Cylinder Gas: Compressed Nitrogen (Easier to transport by air) Pressure: The working pressure of this cylinder is 300 bar at room temperature (20°C). Cylinder Non-Refillable 300 Bar Alu : This cartridge must be exchanged for a fresh one at your dealer. Weight : 500g Components : Aluminum and Steel The pressure must be checked prior to each and every use by weighing it (see included Quick Start Manual with any Snowpulse Airbag System).

USEFUL INFORMATION ON TRANSIT TRAVELLING: BACKPACK AND CARTRIDGE The cartridges, when filled, come under the rules governing the transport of non-toxic non-flammable gases on land and in the air. The rules differentiate between the 300 bar and 207 bar cartridges. Please note those that apply to your type of cartridge. When transporting the airbag system, the cartridge must be kept separate to avoid any inadvertent triggering. Always store and carry the cartridge in its original packaging and with the protective cap screwed firmly in place.

TRAVELLING: CARTRIDGE IN THE PLANE Under its hazardous materials regulations (table 2.3A), the IATA (International Air Transport Association) allows passengers to travel with no more than one filled 300 bar cartridge in their hand or stowed luggage, provided the carrier is informed of the fact.

RECOMMENDATIONS Despite its approval by the IATA, individual carriers may refuse to carry a 300 bar cartridge. We therefore advise users intending to travel with their avalanche backpack to contact their carrier no less than two weeks before departure. If possible, users should clarify the situation prior to booking their flights. It is also a good idea to print out the relevant IATA table and the data sheet relating to your cartridge to show any sceptical check-in staff. Both documents are available from Edge & Wax and are included when shipping or selling Snowpulse systems.
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