Altitude Futures: King of the gap course!

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If you are thinking of learning to be a Ski Instructor this winter, wondering about the many options out there, it is good to do some research. We at Natives try and be as unbiased as we can when it comes to the types of course available. We did however find this course to be a great one, brought to you from the company Altitude Futures based in Verbier,Switzerland.

We caught up with Stephen Lancaster for a quick interview about his experience and the fact he won the king of the gap course with Altitude Futures last season.

Natives: What’s your name and where do you come from?
Stephen: My name is Stephen Lancaster, I’m 28, from Cumbria.

Natives: Why did you decide to book a ski instructor course?
Stephen: I have worked in various engineering jobs since I was 17 and I wanted to have what is normally known as a career break. My skiing skills were not so good at that time, so I thought why not try to go to the mountains for a while and when I found out that I could become a ski instructor with my level, I decided to give it a go!

Natives: Why did you choose the Altitude Futures Ski Instructor Gap course?
Stephen: While doing some intensive research on the web the course looked like the leading ski instructor course in Europe, having a strong reputation, offering the right course content and their uniform looked far cooler than any others out there.

Natives: Was it a difficult decision?
Stephen: Word of mouth would have helped in the wide range of available ski instructor courses, but I didn’t know anyone off the course at that time. Later I found out that Altitude offers a list of former students who you can contact in your search for references.

Natives: Did you enjoy the course?
Stephen: I had the best time of my life! Skiing nearly every day for 10 weeks, being part of a team of students, combining training and socials and, maybe even more important, staying in the luxury and crazy atmosphere of Verbier is the best you can get.

Natives: What about the coaches?
Stephen: The big bonus with Altitude Verbier is the wide range of international coaches holding top qualifications from different countries. I remember having training from BASI trainers, a top Spanish and Argentinean trainer, a Swiss Brevet Federal trainer and a top qualified Italian trainer. All nice and professional people!

Natives: What are your favorite memories?
Stephen: We had such a nice team and being in our group, everyone in the group becomes a team aiming for the same result. My fondest memories are of the training days where we challenged each other and had occasional moments of laughing at someone else’s expense, like any time anyone fell over (including myself of course!).

Natives: How was the accommodation?
Stephen: We stayed in a beautiful Swiss chalet where we were looked after by some top chalet hosts. The chalet was very comfortable and in a good location in Verbier. During weekdays a chef prepared our dinner and in the weekends we could make our own plans.

Natives: Is there anything else you would like to mention?
Stephen: There is a King of the Gap competition for the best overall performer of the course and I am of course very proud to have won the King of the Gap! I won a CHF 1.000,- refund of the course, a job next season, a new pair of freeride ski’s and a custom made beanie.

Natives: Would you recommend the Altitude Futures Ski Instructor Gap course?
Stephen: Altitude exceeded my expectations and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask Altitude my contact details.

If you are thinking about doing a ski instructor course this season check out the Altitude Futures website!

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