About Us //

If you have got this deep into the site then Natives has most probably struck a chord with you. We are here for those of you who have ever dreamt of watching the moon or sun rise over a mountain range, or for anyone who has just sat and watched fat snowflakes settle on your windowsill.

You've probably made mindless small talk with hundreds of people you'll never see again, yet made friends that you'll keep for a lifetime. You’ve stayed in to catch the first lift and you have definitely stayed out far too late. You have answered the questions, worked relentless hours, skied, snowboarded, drank, danced, loved and lost and you get home after it all and your friends say, "What was it like?"

And what is it like? Only Natives of the mountains know...

So what do we do? //

Natives is THE season workers’ website - the place to find the best ski jobs, bars, accommodation, parties and events. Natives was founded by season workers for season workers, so if you are looking to get a job in a ski resort then Natives is the place to go.

We were founded by Iain Martin, who was fed up with season workers being misrepresented in so-called 'documentaries' on TV.

He launched the site in April 1999 from his living room and in 2001 we moved into our very first office. Ever since then our traffic has continued to increase across the years. In January 2007, the site recorded 12.2m hits and 853,395 page impressions from 388,076 unique sessions.

In March 2003, we launched ResortJobs.co.uk to further broaden the distribution of the Natives Jobs Network and in July 2003, SkiJobs.co.uk was also added. And we also published our first book 'The Natives Guide to Working in Ski Resorts', followed up in 2005 with 'The Natives Chalet Cook Book' and we have also released a number of magazines.

So there you have it, Natives is your one stop shop if you are interested in doing a ski season, or even if you just fancy a holiday.

And if you have never done a ski season, then get involved. You can be a Native of the mountain too...